Brenton Engineering Fully Intergrated Material Handling Systems

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Brenton Engineering specializes in what is know as "end-of-line packaging" - or in other words, the final packaging before a product is shipped. Using the example of a product such as bottled water, Brenton can design and build a machine to wrap already-filled bottles in plastic shrink-wrap, and a machine to stack those cases on a pallet and another machine to wrap them with stretch wrap, making the bottles ready for shipping.

In addition to end-of-line packaging machines, Brenton also builds robots that can be used for case packing, palletizing, material handling and painting. Brenton is well know as being able to find solutions to tough problems that other companies may have failed at, such as integrating several existing machines.

The ability to take several existing machines (even if they aren't made by Brenton) and integrate them to work as a unit is one capability that makes Brenton unique and differentiates us from a lot of our competitors. Brenton can also retrofit older machines to help them meet the current needs of the companies that own them.